Custom Choreography Help Is Here!!!
How It Works:
1. Purchase Choreography from the link below. Decide if you want to rush the order and get it in 3 days (if so purchase that link as well). Decide if you want to be the sole owner of the choreography, not allowing us to sell it again (if so purchase that link too).
2. Submit your song (via YouTube link) and the vision you have for the song. Do you want flags, solos, and how many people in your group will be participating. Submit a link (YouTube or Facebook link only) of your group dancing so we will know what level of choreography to prepare for you.
3. Receive your choreography on a private YouTube link via email within 7 days unless you select rush deleiver.
Custom Choreography

Thanks for submitting!

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Yet Praise Dance Company reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who will adhere to or comply with our religious beliefs, program expectations, etc. No refunds will be given  for dismissal from programs facilitated by Yet Praise Dance Company. We reserve the right to only choreograph to christian music and not music by secular artist .