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School of Worship

The next set of classes begin November 1, 2021. 
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The Online School of Worship is designed to help praise and worship dancers grow in holiness and expand their dance vocabulary. So many times dancers have told me, "they feel stuck"  or "I need help." This program is designed to grow and cultivate worshipers one step at a time. 


What you will need for this class:


2. Video Editing Software/App

3. A Personal YouTube Channel

4. Radio/Device to Play Music 

5. Space to Dance

6. Email Account

7. School of Worship T-Shirt, black dance pants

General info for you:

1. A code will be sent to you to access the private page to

take your class on October 28,2021

2. A new class will post each Monday. YOU CAN WATCH THE VIDEO ANYTIME AFTER IT IS POSTED

3. Homework assignments are due each Monday by 6pm CST

4. Classes will include Bible teaching, technical dance training, and choreography

5. Weekly Fasting & Prayer

6. Weekly Scripture Memory

7. Each Level is 3 months (12 weeks) 

8. You will receive a PDF workbook. Please download and print it to keep up with the class

9. Adults ONLY

10. Complete three levels and receive a pink crested blazer in a special ceremony!!!!

All first time students must take Levels (classes) in order. Meaning you can not take Level 2 if you have not taken Level 1. A new set of classes will begin every three months. 


November 1, 2021

School of Worship Registration Form

Admission fee for this course is $599

No refunds or Transfers to Others
School of Worship is a 12 week online Bible based dance course. Each week you can expect to receive 1 Bible Class, Technique Training, a Memory Scripture, Prayer, and to Fast. This course is a timed course with weekly homework assignments.
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Online Course
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Admission fee for this course is $179

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The "Overflow," classes are ONLY for SOW graduates. These classes are for designed for increased learning, biblically and technically, for ministers of dance.

All courses are 6 weeks and include biblical teaching, fasting times, prayer and memory scriptures. 

Homework: Recorded videos of choreography, recited scripture verses, and written work.

Class Tentative start Date:  January 3, 2022

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Yet Praise Dance Company reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who will adhere to or comply with our religious beliefs, program expectations, etc. No refunds will be given  for dismissal from programs facilitated by Yet Praise Dance Company.