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Believing for the Promise

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Over the years I have been waiting on God for things he’s promised me, and it seems like it will never come to pass. When I get close to it coming to pass, I get pushed back, one step, two steps and then at times a whole world away. This used to be my mindset when thinking about the promises of God but not anymore!

I have gone through all the fads, name it and claim it, speak only faith, touch and agree and so on. These things are not bad, but they never worked for the specific promises I’m believing God for. Once I was told to go lay hands on a car and the Lord would bless me with it. So, my husband and I drove to the car lot late one night and laid hands on a car, praying and believing. You can guess what happened…. No car. Now looking back on that situation, it’s a wonder we didn’t go to jail for trespassing. We weren’t even mature enough to go in the daytime and talk to someone to see what the process would entail. I was 21, by the way. I was totally green to buying a car from a dealership and had no clue about what credit even was.

We can believe God for things accord to scripture but be doing so ignorantly. You need to know God’s heart concerning the promise he has made to you. Some things are for now and some are not. I know you’re going to hate hearing this, but some promises we’re not spiritually mature enough for in our lives and spiritual walk. I was listening to an apostle share yesterday that you can’t get a Bentley with a Toyota mindset. Meaning, you can’t afford the car note, you already complain about current gas prices, so we know you are not going to put supreme in the tank and you can’t afford the maintenance. So why would God give you something you are not matured enough for?

I heard another preacher say that before God can answer one prayer, he has to do ten thousand things. WOW, 10,000 THINGS! That’s a lot of stuff. But somehow this one phrase has comforted me over the years and has given me the ability to wait on the Lord with patience. Think about it, when you gave your life to Christ, someone share the gospel with you. Before that could be done that person had to get saved, learn about the Lord and then meet you. How many behind the scenes steps took place for that to happen? 10, 000 things!

Where are you in believing for what God has promised you? Often right before God is about to bless and fulfill what he said he would do things get the darkest BUT don’t lose hope. Our God is faithful to do what he said he would do!

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