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Welcome to

"School of Worship"

John 4:24 (KJV)

God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.


This program is designed to train worshipers to live a holy lifestyle before and after public ministry takes place. It is my sincerest desire to train worshipers in fighting their battles in prayer as well as training technically in dance ministry! Here we present to you a well balanced meal of biblical teachings as well as dance technique training. 

Below are the School of Worship Handbook and your Level 1 booklet for the first 12 weeks of this course. Inside the booklets are your weekly memory scriptures, prayer points and lessons.

Class Resources
Level 1 Book
*Homework video time limit is 1:30

*Make sure your full body is in the camera shot at all times
*This includes arms when raised and legs when lifted
*Video must be uploaded to youtube and the youtube link added to the body of the homework email
*Uniform: SOW shirt and black bottoms, no shorts
*Quote verse with eyes closed
*Label email:  Week number  and lesson number
Example: Week 1 Lesson 1

*Add the fully typed question and your answer to the body of the email, do not add pdf or other documents


Recurring monthly payments can be scheduled here. Note the date you pay will be the date of the auto draft each week for bi-weekly and each month for monthly.
Orientation Video
Lesson 1
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